What 17Master is imagined to look like.
Vital statistics
Starting Class Mercenary
Birthday Day 176
Character Popularity Poll Ranking Unranked
Assigned Partner N/A
"I push people's hopes and dreams in front of a train if those people can't trust me."

Personality Edit

17Master is by far one of the most mature users on the board and will usually opt out or sit on the sidelines when a conversation takes an incredibly weird turn. However, that's not to say 17 doesn't take part in the weirdness from time to time, such as when he posted a shirtless selfie or discussing who is the best Katawa Shoujo girl. 17Master is also not afraid to call anyone out whenever they are bullshitting or straight up acting stupid, which can at times help in finishing silly ending debates much faster. Lastly, 17 is an avid Sm4sher and is very technical about his Gameplay.

Pairing Committee Edit


N/A at the moment

No Waifu, No Laifu Edit


Even I can "see" how great Lilly is! ...I suck.

Despite how most other users take waifus as a humorous subject and have one mainly for the novelty of it, 17Master has said multiple times that he has no waifu nor wants one. Because of this, users like Federico585 and AlmostDoug have tried convincing 17Master several times to finally get one, but to no avail. Although, that doesn't mean 17Master can't appreciate a damn fine girl when he "sees" one, such as Lilly, 17Master's favorite Katawa Shoujo girl.

Relationships Edit

Federico585 Edit


Elodie needs to GIT GUD. ...But we still like her.

17Master and Federico585 are very good friends on Gamefaqs. Federico585 is very appreciative of 17Master always being able to keep a cool head and tell other users whenever they're acting too ridiculous. In contrast to Federico585 acting pretty wild at times but not wishing to hurt the REALLY FEELINGS of others. Because 17Master has no waifu, Federico585 has (jokingly) tried convincing him to get one, but is shot down every time, although, Federico585 once came pretty close when Federico told 17 his story of when he got a waifu and how little fucks he gave over it. Lastly, 17Master and Federico585 are fans of the game "Long Live The Queen" and discuss it occasionally, including how much the game fucks you over.

AlmostDoug Edit

17Master and AlmostDoug also share the relationship in which 17Master acts mostly normal but still gets dragged into AlmostDoug's bizarre conversations and waifu ways. In any case, 17Master and AlmostDoug are on good terms and 17Master once even took a shirtless selfie for AlmostDoug to see. No homosexuality in this friendship that's for sure!

Trivia Edit

  • 17Master's character box template also uses the one Endgame made, mainly because Federico585 made the page and is like Swiper the Fox.
  • Out of all the users, 17Master has the second highest Gamefaqs rank before Endgame.
  • 17Master has almost always died a pathetic death in Federico585's Hunger Games simulator.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Milotic for multiple reasons. He will happily explain if you ask him
  • 17Master's list of Super Smash Bros. 4 mains can be found here.

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