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AmalCassel's amazing smile.

AmalCassel36 is a user often seen on the Fire Emblem Awakening boards, he is known for writing the CYOA Land of Legends and for having a number of fetishes and one of his waifu's is his other waifu's daughter,

seriously what's with this guy?

He has since left BC.

Pairing status Edit


He is currently paired N/A

Relationships Edit

Aranvoid Edit

AmalCassel's Senpai and CYOA buddy, when they were up against each other in the Popularity poll they were rooting for each other and telling the other guy to take the win, how sappy.

Trivia Edit

  • His two waifu's are Severa and Cordelia, yeah you heard right.
  • Votes on every CYOA on the board.
  • He asked for his page to be created by somebody and will reward them with a cameo in his CYOA.

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