Anri is a character in the Fire Emblem series. He is Marth's Great Uncle. He killed Medeus in the War of Darkness.

Significance to the board Edit


Some Facts about Anri Edit

  • He Negated Imhullu without Starlight.
  • He deals bonus damage to units without weaknesses.
  • He soloed Apotheosis without weapons.
  • He can use Lethality on units with Dragonskin.
  • He is cooler than Marth.
  • He killed a million dragons without an army.
  • He kills gods.
  • Anri destroyed the Gond!
  • Once I met Anri, no other man would do.
  • I adore this character. Don't you wish Anri the Great had a game today?
  • Anri has appeared in some CYOA.
  • He was too badass to have kids.
  • He is(n't) cooler then Hector.
  • Anri is ROFL at Limit Breaker N00BZ. His Stats don't cap.
  • Anri has growth rates of infinity in every stat. Including Movement.
  • Anri survived Lethality without a Dual Guard.

List of Topics about Anri: Edit

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