Apotheosis is Downloadable Content bonus Chapter in Fire Emblem: Awakening, and is, as of this entry, the most difficult chapter in the game, pitting the player against multiple waves of extremely powerful enemies with excellent equipment and skills. Naturally, such a chapter is the source of plenty of discussion on the GameFAQs message board for its game. Plenty of users have come to the board asking for advice on clearing it, or sharing their experience upon clearing it. It is worth noting that that chapter has two routes - a standard route with strong enemies, and a secret route with the aforementioned extremely strong enemies, that is unlocked by clearing the first wave within two turns. Typically, discussion is geared toward the secret route unless mentioned otherwise.

Breaking Apotheosis Edit

After more players came to clear Apotheosis, discussions began to arise on the most "efficient" means to clear the chapter arose. Units, classes, skills, all was taken into consideration. Users even began to break down which optional parent would be best for be child character in order to maximize his/her effectiveness. A notable example is Severa fathered by Lon'qu, who, when paired with Gerome fathered by Vaike, can apparently eliminate the entire secret route and guarantee that the final boss of the route has 0% chance to hit her. Brought to you by HuffnPuff20 and Endgame. Eventually it hit a point in which those taking part in the discussions were essentially just bickering about whose method to overkill Apotheosis yielded the largest margin of overkill, as all of their strategies are more than sufficient. There was also an unfortunate tendency to hijack innocent user's topic asking for, say, advice on what skill should Vaike pass to Kjelle, and turning it into an argument about the best way to clear Apotheosis. This trend had thankfully died down some in recent days.

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