Aranvoid is a user on the Fire Emblem Awakening Board (On GameFAQs), and a former head of the pairing committee. He has since left BC.


An Artist's Interpretation of Aranvoid

Summary: Edit

He is the author of two CYOA, "Saga of Etrius" and "Grand Saga." He may be working on two more CYOA that he has yet to reveal. He is also one of the writers in the Outrealm Chronicles RP on the Pairing Committee Board.

Personality: Edit

Tear Grants

Tear Grants; Aran's Waifu

Aranvoid has clear outlook on most things, and will rarely trust most people. It's hard for him to resist not doing. He enjoys playing video games of the RPG genre, and loves writing CYOA and coming up with stories. Despite his cynicalism, he is willing to be nice to people, and enjoys discussing stories with others.

PC Status: Edit

His Waifu is Tear Grants, but it used to be Ravness. His Pairing is Mia.

Tumblr loxttdAt0A1qm68p1o1 400

Trivia Edit

•Loves to read and write.

•A fan of SRPG and RPG in general. Loves Fire Emblem.

•An Artist's Interpretation of Aranvoid is similar to that of Lief from Deltora Quest.

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