Vital statistics
Starting Class Dark Flier
Birthday November 3rd
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #20
Assigned Partner PrettyTonyTiger
I just exercised some new muscles. Shall I show you what I can do with them?

Aversa (known as Inverse in Japan) was Validar's seductress personal minion who he used to manipulate certain men.

It's not really a surprise though. Her tits are massive. No wonder she was paired with PTT.

Now she's free from the brainwashing. But she just won't stop being a floozy!


Aversa can basically be described as a succubus. She wields lust as a weapon and uses it to aid Validar's mad quest to revive Grima. And is also quite sadistic about

This is exactly how Validar brainwashed her to be. He came to her village, killed everyone she knew and loved, then brainwashed her.

.....She acts exactly the same even after she knows the truth and joins the Sheperds. Most of her dialogue is just laced with sexual innuendo.

She's also pretty mean to male Robin when he tries to make friends with her. And needlessly starts stuff with female Robin. Oh come on....


If she survives Paralogue 22, she's yours.

As a UnitEdit

Aversa has a unique skill: Shadowgift. It allows one to use dark magic tomes regardless of class instead of being limited to just Dark Mage and Sorcerer.

However, Optimization experts have determined that Shadowgift really isn't that great. Namely after experimenting with Morgan mothered by Aversa. However, Aversa is a pretty solid unit due to good stat caps and class selection. Although she joins too late and cannot support with anyone other than Robin, which hurts her usefulness due to how Pair Up works. (Support Ranks boosting stat bonuses.)

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Somehow, despite the highly lustful atmosphere of the board, Aversa, the character designed to be pure sex appeal..... is not that popular.


Oh sure. They all lust over Tharja, but when there's an even sluttier dark magic user with bigger breasts, she goes unnoticed..... these guys make no sense.


  • Aversa has a tome named after her. But she never uses it as an enemy or NPC.
  • Aversa's Night is arguably the best tome in the game due to its high MT, ability to be forged and made stronger, and the fact that it basically grants immortality.
  • Her birthday is also the same day Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword was released in North America. Unlike Second Generation birthdays, this is purely coincidental.

External LinksEdit

The Official Aversa Unappreciation Topic

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