CYOA's (Short for Choose Your Own Adventure) are a type of topic on the boards in which the TC makes and tells a story and other users vote on the choices that contribute to the next part of the story. They have taken place in the Outrealms, future and past versions of Ylisse, other Fire Emblem continents, and even completely new worlds, though these are still often linked to Fire Emblem canon to protect the CYOAs from moderators.

List of CYOA'sEdit

The board has featured many CYOA's, several still ongoing.


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Unownuber/threedualscreen (Another Future, Sacred Bond, Chon_Sin Legacy)

Lemmy_Koopa (Several, but most notably Chrom's Ragefest)

Aranvoid (Saga of Etrius, Grand Saga, Begonian Legacy)

Ephraim8 (Death and Destruction)

Endgame (Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure!)

TestPilotVGC (Serendipity, Fire Emblem: the Abridged CYOA)

yen_fay (The now dead "Way too Many CYOA")

astrophys (Mirror Image)

AnriHeroKing (What the...)

AmalCassel36 (Land of Legends)

Chrizzel28 (Conquest of Valm)

AuldGilligan (Purging of Plegia)

DatOliviaTho (Normality)

31walcraeb (Awakening)

BrianTheLegend_ (Crystal Wars)

Simon-for-Smash (A Tale of Warm Light and Dark Ice)

AlmostDoug (Outsiders)

Controversy: Edit

Some people hate CYOAs for some reason. They seem to think that CYOA are off-topic or something equally stupid. Strangely enough, these users often have their own failed CYOA, so many view them as Salty Hypocrites.


  • There are over 20 active ones at the moment.
  • Several people are petitioning for a split social board so that the CYOA will not "clog up the first pages". But if the mods create a split board the main board will see a lot less traffic, since multiple users only participate in the CYOAs.