What a bunch of lobotomised sponges

Cramot aka CramItIn aka Carrot aka Cremate is a guy on the Battle Chess board. Now I bet you're expecting some kind of witty comment, but I'm too tired for that.


Generally a nice person and an avid smash player (although he sucks at it). Tries to make witty remarks but ends up failing about 80% of the time. Is also known for posting horrible puns and weird sexual jokes on the skype group but those aren´t funny anymore, period.



Cramot and the board

Federico585 Edit

Despite being Hispanic, Federico585 agrees with Cramot that German Science is THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Plus they're like bros.


  • Hates himself and everybody else
  • His favourite dere are the Himederes (what a scrub)
  • Hates playing against projectile scrubs (Toon links)
  • Lives by the principles of "More than one waifu is going to ruin your Laifu". As such he has no waifu
  • Has a crapton of nicknames all spawned by the fact that he wrote "my name is too short for a nickname"
  • The only german besides Hitler on this board, due to this, he has the best science

    Toon Link in a nutshell