A literal pothead.
Vital statistics
Starting Class Villager
Birthday June 4th
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #17
Assigned Partner N/A

Donnel Tinhead (known as Donny in Japan, with Donny being a nickname for him in the localisation) was just a simple farm boy who loves his ma. But one day, bandits invaded his town. He rushed to Chrom for help.

"I wish I was strong as you sirs and madams! Kick that scum out single handed, I would!" Donnel lamented.

"Then you should fight and grow stronger." Chrom responded.

Donnel fought alongside Chrom that day. He got a taste of blood then wanted a little more. Chrom had successfully recruited himself a child soldier.....


Donnel is a mama's boy who is always thinking about his "Ma" and brings her up often. Being a farmer's boy, he lacks confidence when associating with those of more noble lineage. Even moreso when proposing to them.

His experience with hunting game however makes him somewhat resourceful, as shown in his Support Conversations with Panne, in which he continues to successfully trap her like he would a normal rabbit.

He speaks using a mix of southerner and old timey "Wild West" slang. The two may have plenty of spillover, but there's a difference dammit!


In Paralogue 1, you must let him gain a level. Upon completing the chapter, he will join.

As a UnitEdit

Donnel is regarded as a solid unit once promoted from Villager in the main game due to his Aptitude skill resulting in better level ups than most other units. However, his pitiful stat modifiers and poor class selection leads many to consider him one of the worst units in the postgame. His only activation skill is Sol which does not boost damage and his non-Villager class choices of Mercenary and Fighter both have a shared promotion in Hero. Because of this and Villager having no promoted class associated with it, Donnel ends up with the least class choices in the game.

He is however, reccomended as a father for Kjelle or Nah so they can gain access to Galeforce.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Other than being brought up as an example as a child that can be married off to older women and typical

He's a child who just hit puberty. She's a grown women who wrestles Wyverns. Together, they fight crime!

Optimization discussion which occurs for all units, Donnel has not been all that popular on the Awakening board. Even his Unappreciation Topic was barely noticed.


  • He is one of the few characters in the franchise to actually have a last name.
  • Despite being a "hick" stereotype, most of Donnel's slang tends to actually be "cowboy".
  • His alleged role in starting World War 1: He had to borrow clothes from Inigo because Lon'qu neglected his laundry duty, leading to Aversa mistaking him for Inigo.
  • Yes, seriously. His last name is "Tinhead".
  • Donnel will sometimes say "let's get-r-done!" when Dual Supporting. This is probably a reference to the famous catch phrase used by Nebraskan comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

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