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El_Ramon is a (not so) famous Omega Ruby user who likes confronting scrubs and trolls. He's a bit obnoxious but deep down a cool mofo and a nice person. He's from Lisbon, Portugal and has expressed many times how he hates when people say he's from Spain, Africa or Mexico (which wasn't a good idea for him to say that). He loves Juvia and thinks she's bae, even though he also had avatars from Anna Kendrick (some rl grill he likes).

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Previous accounts: from troll to... troll?Edit

Before the account El_Ramon was created in April 2015, this fella had a few more mains who got banned because of his blatant trolling in GameFAQs. His first account was actually jmpramos and was created in October 2014. After that one got banned, he created jmpintoramos and then jmpr1994.

At the time, he was a very disliked user because he did act like an unlikable chump who trolled everytime and insulted basically anyone with a different opinion. Now... he's still a troll (?), but he has opened himself more to friendships and actually proved to be a (somehow) normal person... even if still obnoxious.

El_Ramon also learned how to troll without actually getting modded (all he got so far was one NKL moderation for telling Misty-kun guy to close his account).



  • Garfield_Ramen
  • Federica474 (given to Federico585 now)


  • RuriGokou
  • FemaleGardevoir
  • Cherubi


  • Spectrum__Mom
  • Gardy_My_Waifu
  • MegaTalonflame

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