EndgamexLissa is a belief that the User Endgame, and the Lissa were secretly in a relationship. The origin of this cult is unknown, but for several months, every time Endgame would make a thread, it would be flooded with EndgamexLissa related comments.

Status: Currently, The Pairing Committee has dismissed this pairing.

  • Despite constantly preaching it before, user ryugin55 has ceased all preaching of the subject.
  • Endgame clearly shows hate for his supposed lover.
  • RadiantGod has shown clear hatred for the pairing, often shouting at anyone supporting it, most notably ryugin55. As of the dismissal of the pairing, he and ryugin are back on good terms.
  • As pointed out by user shiningpikablu252 many times, contrary to popular belief, Endgame cannot actually be paired with Lissa. You're probably thinking of that glitch character that appears whenever you try to unlock Endgame and do it incorrectly; you know you did it incorrectly, and thus got the glitch character, when you see the phrase "Yummy! Skitty pancakes!" (the real Endgame says "Hot Skitty on Wailord Action!). The glitch character comes with an automatic S support with Lissa, even going as far as to override things if Lissa was already married off (the real Endgame has only the typical My Unit support chain as well as a very boring A-rank chain with Priam--the dialogue is pretty much forgettable the moment it goes offscreen). The glitch character's modifiers are so pathetic that they make the worst possible Owain, even going as far as to start Owain off with an F rank in swords--insufficient even for a Bronze Sword, Glass Sword, or Tree Branch.