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Excellus (Exceli in japanese) is an abomination. We know not what unholy union spawned him.

Hello children! I live in your nightmares!

We..... we THINK it's a he.

For some reason, Walhart made him his tactician. (Even though he's a Sage and not a Tactician or Grandmaster. Walhart you dumbass!)


Excellus is a real scummy bastard. His bread and butter is using extortion in order to get the other nations of Valm to join with Walhart out of fear. His proudest moment was getting Yen'fay to cooperate out of fear that Excellus would have his sister Say'ri killed off at any time. But as soon as Yen'fay was killed and word got out as to why he even betrayed his motherland, the dynasts Excellus thought he had under his control turned on him.

.....And he wasn't even that good a manipulator. Aversa was just using him, and Walhart found out about his alliance with her anyway.

As a BossEdit

  • Step One: Send a high Atk unit with a Brave weapon up to him.
  • Step Two: Watch him die.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

He really isn't significant at all. He occasionally gets mentioned in passing, but most would rather forget he even exists.


  • His English voice actor Spike Spencer also voiced Marth in the dub of the two episode Fire Emblem OVA.
  • According to Aversa when fighting her with Robin in Chapter 22, Excellus is a eunuch.
  • Yes, Endgame still thinks Lissa is the most horrible monstrosity in all the land even with this guy and Grima around. His main argument being that "what the dress is hiding is far, far worse."