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Shulk Art
"Dayman, fighter of the Nightman, champion of the sun, you're a master of karate and friendship for everyone. Dayman!"
Vital statistics
Starting Class Hispanic
Birthday XX/XX/9X
Character Popularity Poll Ranking Unknown
Assigned Partner Emmeryn
I'm Really Feeling It!

Not Fredrico. Federico. Everyone makes this mistake.

Anyway, he's a user on Gamefaqs and a prominent member of Battle Chess and the Pairing Committee.

Pairing Committee Edit

He used to be the official secretary and/or priest. He was given this status due to being just as, if not more involved with the Pairing Committee than the heads. Federico has now elevated in status and became of the 5 heads. Unfortunately, he does the same procrastination on PC work that he always gave the previous heads grief for. His waifu is Hanako Ikezawa (primarily cause everyone else has one), though Vortex_Oblivion always tries to say Rin is the better waifu, the dastard.
Fede's waifu, Hanako

Fede's waifu, Hanako, yeah, you're probably thinking, "Where's her nose?" or something.

Memes and Other Awful HabitsEdit

  • I'M REALLY FEELING IT/Any other Shulk Quotes: Despite having never played Xenoblade Chronicles (Shulk's game) Fede has repeatedly quoted Shulk, specifically "I'm really feeling it!" so much that he's pretty much known as the Shulk guy and everyone expects him to pop anywhere someone posts the word "feeling" or "feels". Fun Fact: Federico even started taking an interest in Shulk's phrase the day he was announced for Smash 4, what an innovator!
  • Excessive Pic Posting: Federico has a mindset of "a picture is worth a thousand words", but that results in a million words. This is because Federico posts dozens upon dozens of links to picture/gifs on Gamefaqs, specifically from KYM or DeviantArt. This habit has become even worse now that Federico585 has gained access to photoshop, so if he can't fine a good picture to post online, he'll just make his own.

Relationships Edit

DatOliviaTho Edit


Not that kind of Romance.

Federico’s bromance with DatOliviaTho is extremely strong. Federico and DOT’s bromance even extends into family because due to their official pairings being Emmeryn and Lissa respectively they are considered brothers in law.


Aww, Rin is still cute though.

Vortex_Oblivion Edit

Vortex and Federico share a fierce (and harmless) rivalry about their Katawa Shoujo waifus due to the fact that Vortex puts Rin as the best girl of the Visual Novel while Federico is more into Hanako, Vortex's favoritism of the red-haired girl even managed to ruin Federico's spot in the Popularity Contest because Fede doesn't waif the “Best Girl” according to her claims.

Simon-for-Smash Edit

Simon and Federico, like many other users, share a nice bromance friendship. Federico was actually the first person to refer to Simon as "Simon the Persona Guy". Simon and Federico share a connection in that before knowing each other, Simon was known as Keirndmo but closed that account when he bet it on Shulk not getting in Smash Bros. And as luck would have it, Federico says Shulk quotes ALL THE TIME. Perhaps it’s Simon’s past coming back to haunt him in the form of Federico…?

17Master Edit

17Master and Federico585 are very good friends on Gamefaqs. Federico is very appreciative of 17Master always being able to keep a cool head and tell other users whenever they're acting too silly, in contrast to Federico acting pretty wild at times, but not wanting to hurt the really feelings of others. Because 17Master has no waifu, Federico has jokingly tried convincing him to get one, but was shot down every time, although, Federico once came pretty close when Federico told 17 his story of when he got a waifu and how little fucks he gave over it. Lastly, 17 and Federico are fans of the game Long Live The Queen and discuss it occasionally, including how much the game fucks you over.

AmalCassel36 Edit

Amal and Fede are good friends with one another. They both enjoy making a lot of sex jokes, with quite a few involving the similarities between "anal" and "amal". Though, because Amal's main fetish is red haired oppai sisters, there's a lot of room for disagreement with Fede as red hair is his least favorite hair color and is against (w)incest. Lastly, they both share similar views on the board in how they dislike arguments occurring and view the other users as their bros.

Rangerike1 Edit

Federico and Rangerike are on great terms. They both have the habit of quoting characters from Smash. Ike with his Ike quotes (of course) and Federico with his Shulk quotes.

Cheesepower5 Edit

Great friends and mainly discuss something new every time they chat. Fede, for the most part, is usually amazed by the Cheese's intelligence, most notably in his posts relating to history and myth.

KachuAchu Edit

Kachu and Fede are good friends, with Fede being one of the first to make friends with Kachu when he first showed up in the board. Fede also finds Kachu easy to talk to as he find him very agreeable and friendly, plus Kachu helps Fede out with any Persona stuff.

ryugin55 Edit

Ryu was the person to bring Federico into the secret board after Fede asked if he could join. Fede and Ryu are nice friends, but due to Ryu acting very stubborn or rude at times, Federico thinks Ryu is a himedere to which Ryu detests.

HinduKushh Edit

Kushh and Federico are on pretty good terms, as Fede helps Kushh out quite a bit and both love Full House. Fede was also Kushh's first friend on Gamefaqs.

Cramot Edit

Despite being Hispanic, Federico585 agrees with Cramot that German Science is THE BEST IN THE WORLD! Plus they're like bros and Fede will partake in the sexual innuendos to be made with Cram's name.

PrettyTonyTiger Edit

Federico thinks highly of PTT, and are great bros. Most of their time together is spent looking over "saucy" pics, waifu related things, and whatever else (like Nachos!)

TestPilotVGC Edit

Great bros, Test and Federico are both big fans of RWBY and they mainly talk about it in the RWBY topic, where Fede occasionally helps Test out with his RWBY AMVs.

AnnaKat Edit

Due to their love of memes and multiple other reasons, Anna and Fede are great friends and they regularly chat with one another in Skype.

Chrizzel28 Edit

Chrizzel and Federico585 are friends and share many jokes together. However, they also get into several (joke) arguments with each other over things like Lolis, Religion (Morgan Freeman), and Fede saying Chrizzel's waifu is a futanari. Though, they both know the other is fucking around and enjoy those "debates".

UnknownUber Edit


Bite me, Unknown

Federico and Unknown are pretty good friends and they play Smash 4 often. A bit of hostility has come between them over who's the best Skullgirl. Federico believes its Squigly but Unknown is a Heretic so he likes Cerebella. But other than that, they reain a pretty good bromance.


A friendship strengthened over their equal love and appreciation of yanderes. AlmostDoug trusts Fede as a valued member of the Committee.

Lemmy-Koopa Edit

They're on good terms, Federico even tried as hard as he could to get Lemmy an official Pairing. Luckily, with Amal and Doug's support and how Fede ignored the fact that Lemmy's appeal to get rid of his No One pairing was rejected, Lemmy finally got his pairing.

Ephraim8 Edit

Originally Fede and Ephraim were on bad terms and then later developed into a huge fight that was part of the Tiki controversy. Since then Federico and Ephraim have apologized to each other and became friends. Federico was even the one to nominate EphraimxCherche since he knew how much Ephraim disliked his previous paring with Panne and no one else really felt like doing it. For this and Federico's many other contributions to the Committee, Ephraim has taken Fede as his senpai, but Fede will NEVER notice his kouhai.

StudiousThug Edit


Studious and Federico are generally on good terms, with the former considering the latter to be his "bro" and the latter considering the former to be his "brah". However, Federico disapproves of the fact that if Studious were to pick a zombie waifu to go necrophiliac for, he didn't pick Squigly (who Federico considers to be the best zombie waifu). Regardless of that, Studious and Federico share a bromance - the intensity of which is further strengthened by, among other things, their common hatred of Talonflame.

Frequent Misspelings of Federico585's Name.Edit


"Frederick(o)" "PICK A GOD AND PRAY!"

Frederico, Fredrico, Frederick, Fedrico, Fedirico, Feddirico, Fredirico, Feddie, Feddy, Fedi, Fedy, Feddi, Fred, Fredi, Frede, Freddy, Fredie, etc. you get the point.

Trivia Edit

  • Fede ripped off that character image template from what Endgame made.
  • Fede doesn't actually look like Shulk, but that's what everyone imagines him as due to the frequency of him really feeling it reaching unethical levels.
    • Except for StudiousThug. He always thought that Federico looked like Twister Rodriguez from Rocket Power.

Henry is da besssst.

  • Like AlmostDoug, Fede has a strong love for yanderes, which contrasts to the personality of his waifu.
  • Big Fan of Achievement Hunter, as shown by his GFaqs signiture containing quotes of AH members Gavin and Ray.
  • His Favorite Fire Emblem character is Henry.
  • His favorite character in Smash 4 is, shockingly, Shulk. Or should we say, Shulckingly?
    Avenged Sevenfold - Lost It All03:51

    Avenged Sevenfold - Lost It All

    Fede the "Metal" Guy.


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