Vital statistics
Starting Class Abomination
Birthday The Beginning of Time
Character Popularity Poll Ranking None
Assigned Partner Coconut Shrimp
GFF-BLWOC, or the Giant Flying Fire-Breathing Lovecraftian Whale of Chaos, is an abomination created by Lemmington, in an attempt to torment the users of the Fire Emblem: Awakening board. It caused mass destruction to the legendary Social Pillars, and nearly ended the world.

Biography Edit

Lemmington, in an attempt to spread mayhem on the Awakening board, summoned an ancient evil, far more dangerous than the daughter of C'thulhu himself, and unleashed it upon the board. Needing a vessel, it possessed Lemmington, causing him to maniacally laugh whenever he went, and spread chaos throughout the world.

Eventually, Lemmington discovered the League of Battle Chess, and engaged in a massive battle with it's members. The monster eventually tried to destroy the Social Pillars, which had already been ruined by a traitor among the ranks of Battle Chess, and was stopped by the Battle Chess.

Lemmington realized what he was doing, and, through a slow and painful process, freed himself of possession. He eventually joined the League of Battle Chess, however, GFF-BLWOC's influence remains to this day.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown why GFF-BLWOC takes the form of a whale.
  • The only way to appease GFF-BLWOC is to feed it Coconut Shrimp, which it has a strange obsession for.

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