...I AM...GRIMA... I AM...DESPAIR...

He looks like a digimon.

Grima (known as Gimle in japanese) is the main villain and final boss of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

He is the Fell Dragon (that looks like a giant sky plesiasaur) and destroyed the future. He is a necromancer and summons armies of Risen. He has insane bastards dedicate to the cause of resurrecting him so he can return and bring about the end of the world. But..... nobody knows just who the hell he is and why the hell he wants to destroy the world. Why?!

What we do know however, is that he needs Robin to be his vessel. AND that he can travel through time to chase Lucina when she goes back in time to try to stop him from being revived again!

However, he's too dumb to, you know. Flip over and get Chrom and his army off his back, leaving them to fall to their deaths. However, the Grimavatar would also fall, inevitably killing himself.

Endgame's mom.


Grima..... doesn't really have much of a personality. He basically has Robin's personality, only evil. But then once he's got his Dragon form back, he just spouts generic phrases of death, destruction, and wanting to merge with Robin.

So basically, he wants to destroy everything simply because he can. What an asshole!

As a BossEdit

The following is based off of Lunatic and Lunatic+.

Grima is pretty durable. His Dragonskin skill cuts all damage done to him in half, making Falchion the only reliable way to damage him for players that are just playing through the game "normally". And having Pavise on top of that will make Falchion hurt even less, Having high Strength, Magic, the Rightful God skill, and Ignis also makes him hit fairly hard as well. Higher difficulties also give him However, like all other things in the game, Optimization methods lead to characters being able to nuke him down before he even gets the chance to strike back.

Theories as to What Grima isEdit

There have been a few theories trying to explain the Fell Dragon, since the game certainly made no effort to.

They mostly revolve around the Earth Dragon tribe. As those that have played Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem or its DS remake are aware, the Dragon's Table was originally a place where the Earth Dragons were sealed using the Fire Emblem as its complete form: The Earth Seal.

However, the usage of the complete Fire Emblem in Awakening is completely different than that of Marth's games. And there is no mention of the Earth Dragons. Or even Medeus! Medeus in paticular explained to be able to eventually revive at will if the Earth Seal is destroyed by removing one of the Spheres/Gemstones.

So basically, theories boil down to the believe that Grima is a beast created from the merged Earth Dragons, (possibly also with Medeus in there somewhere.) which might also explain his lack of any real personality or motive other than wonton destruction. The Earth Dragons were driven insane with Medeus as the sole survivor. And Medeus himself was mad with vengeance after the abuse of dragonkind at the hands of humanity.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Naturally, as the main villain and final boss, Grima has been the subject of many discussions.

.....Mostly discussions of how Grima is "stupid", and how ultimately, Validar's plan was pointless since Grima just absorbs the souls of the people at the Dragon's Table and becomes whole again. Meaning that basically, all Validar had to do was sacrifice people to Grima and have him become whole again. Then he and his Risen army could have captured Robin, the Fire Emblem, the Gemstones, etc. And anyone who put up any resistance? He's the god damned Fell Dragon! Chrom can't stop him with his sissy 5 MT Falchion!


  • Grima is one of the few characters to appear in Awakening's cinematic cutscenes.
  • And in one of them, he faces Lucina. Somehow, she survives even though he moves in to bite her with his massive jaws. Guy can't do ANYTHING right!
  • If you do enough damage to Grima without killing him, his face will break off, revealing a humanoid face underneath. Like all other things with Grima, there is no explanation for this.
  • Grima's japanese name of Gimle is similar to Gimli. A name most known for the Lord of the Rings character. And in the same series, there is a character named "Grima Wormtongue". Do we have some LotR fans in Intelligent Systems?
  • In Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure!, not only has the Grima possessed Robin been a prominent character, which Endgame's past self has actually slept with and fathered an evil Morgan, but Endgame will regularly have his group disguise themselves as Grimleal and Endgame will shout various phrases about Grima. These usually end with Endgame shouting something of a sexual nature such as "SPREAD YOUR CHEEKS FOR GRIMA!" A character will always call out Endgame on how disturbing this is. But still. This suggests that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with Endgame.

External LinksEdit

Grima attempting to kill Lucy. And failing.

Grima's resurrection.

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