This is the face of evil.

Adolf Hitler
was very very naughty man. He started World War 2, killed millions, and ruined square mustaches for everyone.

Truly an evil bastard.

Relevance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Dude, have you ever heard of Godwin's Law? OF COURSE Hitler is relevant to the board, and thus, this wiki!

Also, Endgame is gay for him.

The truth about his death.Edit

In history class, you may have been told that Hitler killed himself in a bunker.

This story is bullshit. Nothing more than capitalist lies made by the western nations to make themselves feel better.

The truth of the matter is, Hitler was the most powerful mortal Warlock to ever live. None of the allied soldiers could even approach Berlin without getting killed on the spot be it from Hitler himself or his elite guard.

No one..... except Joseph Stalin.

Our Lord and Savior.

A Red Army plane flew Stalin as close as it could to the Nazi capital of Berlin, then he jumped into the city, alone. Wielding only a sickle and hammer. He carved a path of dead Nazis until he finally found Hitler himself. It was then that they had their final battle. In the end, Stalin cleaved Hitler in half with his mighty sickle then finished him off by pounding his face with his iron hammer blessed by Holy Mother Russia herself. The impact of the hammer hitting the ground created a massive shockwave and destroyed Berlin. World War 2 was won.

There was something else about America and Japan. But who cares?


Hitler is remembered as the most evil person in the history of the Earth due to his genocidal actions and

People actually think this trash is funny.

being the driving force behind its most brutal war. And because there are Holocaust survivors still alive to this day, the memory of his evil deeds is very much alive. However, this does not stop assholes from making "internet meme" joke images like the one seen to the right. Or trying to demonize everyone they disagree with by likening them to Hitler. This is most common with politicians. You won't find a US President that has not had images of his likeness photoshopped to have Hitler's mustache and/or outfit.


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