Has anyone seen me?
Vital statistics
Starting Class Knight
Birthday June 24th
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #20
Assigned Partner N/A
Come on! Look at me!

Datamining and official guidebooks suggest the existence of a character named Kellam. However, no one has been able to actually find him. If anyone has any information as to how to find and recruit this character, please let us know.


I bet he'd be pretty depressed that no one can find him.


The official guidebooks say that he appears in Chapter 3 as a NPC, and talking to him with Chrom will recruit him. However, people have spent weeks looking through Chapter 3 entirely, doing anything they can think of to trigger this NPC appearing. No one has ever found him.

Is this Kellam?

As a Unit

No one has been able to recruit him to know for certain how useful a unit he would be. But Optimization experts believe that he would not be that useful a unit given his stat modifiers and class set. Knight is traditionally not such a good class after all. However, he would be an ideal father for Nah for boosting her Defense to incredibly high levels to where no physical attack in the game could even damage her without Luna or the defense ignoring hit of Aether from Anna in Apotheosis. With Renewal to recover what damage she does take and make her tankier.

Because Kellam apparently does not exist, Frederick is the next best thing.


Maybe this is Kellam?

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening board

As mentioned earlier, there were efforts to try to find this enigmatic Kellam by board users. But other than that and discussion of how useful he could be if recruited, there is nothing. We cannot discuss what does not actually exist.


  • No one can find him. Seriously.
  • His alleged role in starting World War 1: Kellam saw Gaius steal Gregor's vodka, for Gaius did not

    Okay, this HAS to be Kellam!

    notice him. But Kellam didn't even TRY to stop Gaius, he just stood there and thought "why even bother?"

External Links

The Official Kellam Unappreciation Topic

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