"Hail to the King..."
Vital statistics
Starting Class King
Birthday 1800's
Character Popularity Poll Ranking Unknown
Assigned Partner


KingChickadee is first and foremost a sex king; however, he'll only take on any men (in bed) that he deems worthy. Not silly pansies like Owain and Inigo! But real strong and muscular men like Gregor and Basilio! Aside from that, KingChickadee is lovely dude who likes getting along with the other users. KCD also has an artistic side, having drawn some fanart of Fire Emblem ladies on his tumblr account, and like them or not, they’re still miles better than what the other users could ever pull of (barring Amal and his sprites).

Pairing CommitteeEdit

KingChickadee used to be officially paired with Gregor. Originally, Inigo was nominated for KCD instead, although,KCD said how he prefers more “mature” men as opposed to young skinny guys like Inigo. So putting that into account, Gregor was also nominated and eventually became KCD’s pairing over Inigo.


<p class="MsoNormal">Everyone loves him, either as a friend or sexually…


  • Just like in Federico585's page, that template is the same one Endgame used for the FE character pages.
  • KCD made one of the first few Tharlivia fanarts, if not the first!

KingChickadee's FanartEdit

KCD Fan Art
KCD Fan Art Tharlivia

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