Screenshot 2015-02-03 at 8.44.47 PM

A screenshot of the front page of GameFAQs, highlighting the topic.

Mods confirmed to hate the Wikia was a topic created by Endgame on the third of February 2015 about the formation of a page on this wiki about hating on the mods. It was created because Endgame finally got modded himself. Originally, the topic consisted of people laughing at Endgame for finally getting a dose of his own medicine, but a mod named AssultTank joined the discussion to point out that the mod hate page was against the ToU on Wikia. Soon, a discussion ensued with several mods and an admin joining in. The topic is important because it was an incredibly active topic that brought the Battle Chess board to the front page, and the obvious reason of the amount of mods and admins on it.

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