250px-Noire (FE13 Artwork)
Sure, she might seem scared NOW, but.....
Vital statistics
Starting Class Archer
Birthday October 7th
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #12
Assigned Partner None

Noire is Tharja's daughter from the future that went back to the past along with Lucina and the other children to stop Grima from destroying the world.

As Tharja's daughter, she was subjected to many curses, which made her very timid and meek. So Tharja built a special talisman that drastically changes her personality to become extremely violent and brash.


Repeated curses from Tharja had made Noire extremely fearful and pessimistic. She is so fearful, that she can't use the bathroom at night unless accompanied by someone. She is also known for being the fastest person to escape in the army. She has a split personality that's extremely brash and will not hesitate to lash out or laugh at people's expense.


Noire is recruited in Paralogue 15 and automatically joins on the second turn. This makes her the only child character to be automatically recruited other than Lucina.

As a UnitEdit

Noire is a decent unit, already gaining some excellent skills from Tharja like Vengence and Luna. But most optimization experts agree that pairing her with a Galeforce dad such as Gaius, Donnel, and a Male Avatar will make her one of the best units in the game. Unlike Nah, or Kjelle, Noire absolutely needs Galeforce especially if she's to be a Sniper.

However, while it's agreed that Male Robin is the best father for Noire (And any child in general), there is a small debate to some optimizers on the best non-avatar father for Noire, Gaius or Donnel. But people usually agree that Gaius is the better option due to Vantage access.

Significance on the Fire Emblem Awakening boardEdit

Noire has gained a fan following primarily for her large mounds of land, and her identity as a moeblob. Many posters also come to her defense and treat Tharja like human scum the way for the way she treats her daughter. Many also want to know if she really breastfeeds Severa. She's also considered far more interesting than Lucina in terms of characters and appearance.


  • Her birthday is also the release date of Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. Amusingly enough, that game has two Lords and different chapter paths just as Noire has two personalities.
    • Similarily, Noire's raging ego seemingly matches with Lyon's possession as the fearful archer at times snaps as if possessed by a demon.
  • She has some skill in baking.
  • Noire is the sole reason why Lucina has a nice rack (in her Archer outfit at least)
  • She starts packing heat in her paralogue, when she just randomly picks up a bow off the ground.

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