The Foundation of Any Playthrough; GALEFORCE

Optimization is a hot topic on the Fire Emblem: Awakening board, even though it is ultimately pointless due to even Apotheosis' secret route being easily cleared with less than optimal setups, meaning optimization is very much overkill. This does not stop idiots like Endgame, Ownagepuffs, and Misha-heart from arguing over it.

The war over what is actually optimal rages on even to this day. However, the one thing everyone can agree upon is that abusing Galeforce and using Limit Breaker is optimal.

Endgame's TheoriesEdit


Endgame believes that optimization revolves around getting as much damage as possible through usasge of Celica's Gale, and usage of Rallybots to boost their stats. Allowing units to kill enemies before they get the chance to counterattack. While abusing Galeforce for mobility and extra turns, and thus, more kills per Player Phase.

His setup involves all male units as Sages and all female units as Dark Fliers. He argues that this setup works because the two classes' Pair Up bonuses benefit each other as they swap turns being the attacking unit. Rallybots should be Falcon Knights due to the class' mobility and staff access so they can also use Rescue staves for helping units move around.

His skill build for Dark Fliers and Sages is as follows:

However, there are two exceptions: For Severa and Gerome, he insists upon using a build that allows Severa to obtain a 100% dodge rate against any lance user. Most notably Anna, the boss of Apotheosis' secret route, while Gerome is her support. Because he will never be the attacking unit, he does not need an activation skill.


Screw your love, Gaius, Noire needs GALEFORCE!

His build for Severa, classed as Hero:

His build for Gerome, classed as Berserker:


Endgame's pairings are designed around giving access to Sage, Dark Flier, Sorcerer, or Great Knight to as many units as possible.

He believes that the other Second Generation units are "worthless" due to not being able to pull off the build due to not being able to access Galeforce at all, having poor stat modifiers, or not having the necessary classes.

Interesting piece of trivia: you know who else believed in breeding superior offspring and that the "lesser races" were worthless?... Adolf Hitler.

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