The Fire Emblem: Awakening Popularity Poll was a set of polls founded by Gen_Woundwort. It is comprised of 35 different polls and 2 rematches.

Development Edit

It began with this topic where Gen told everyone to nominate people for most popular. People were also allowed to nominate themselves. RadiantGod and KingOfAllCondos are the only two people of that time who were not nominated. The following were nominated:

  1. PrettyTonyTiger
  2. ryugin55
  3. AlmostDoug
  4. --Ephraim8
  5. TestPilotVGC
  6. unknownuber
  7. Lemmy-Koopa
  8. Endgame
  9. Simon-For-Smash
  10. StudiousThug
  11. DatOliviaTho
  12. Federico585
  13. Cheesepower5
  14. Chrizzel28
  15. yen_fay
  16. Aranvoid
  17. AmalCassel36
  18. Gen_Woundwort

Matches Edit

The polls started out as Gen_Woundwort posting very slowly, and soon DatOliviaTho began trolling him by posting the next poll whenever Gen was too slow (which was always). Around the 3rd Round, Gen_Woundwort stopped updating, and DatOliviaTho took over permanently. The Loser's Brackets were originally created by Gen as a compromise for the "Federico v. Gen" scandal, but later on DatOliviaTho used them to supplant the odd number of contestants.

Round 1 Edit

StudiousThug VS Simon-For-Smash

AlmostDoug VS ryugin55

AmalCassel36 VS Aranvoid

DatOliviaTho VS Federico585

Chrizzel28 VS TestPilotVGC

--Ephraim8 VS Lemmy-Koopa

PrettyTonyTiger VS Endgame

unknownuber VS yen_fay

Gen_Woundwort VS Cheesepower5

Controversies: Edit

The vote-switching and incompetent counting of votes caused Federico585 to lose unfairly to DatOliviaTho, leading to Federico585 trying to prove he was right to Gen_Woundwort, which would lead Federico acting the more annoying than he’s ever been before. However, due to Gen not noticing his posts until he made the next poll, Gen already put DatOliviaTho as winner. Knowing he was wrong, (but too OCD to change the results of the match in the next polls, because to him, it would be strange to have one person be winner for one poll and another be winner the next) Gen threw a bunch of nonsensical arguments at Fede so that he wouldn't have to change the results. It was not until a week and some help from AlmostDoug that Gen accepted that Federico585 lost his match unfairly, and, as compromise, the loser's brackets were formed. Though, because Federico is a smartass, he actually cared more about proving he was right and winning the popularity contest was unimportant to him, and as luck would have it, he soon lost against ryugin55 in the Loser's Bracket, because Vortex_Oblivion “tipped the scales”, disapproving Federico’s choice of a Katawa Shoujo waifu.

Round 2 Edit

StudiousThug VS AlmostDoug

AmalCassel36 VS DatOliviaTho

Chrizzel28 VS --Ephraim8

PrettyTonyTiger VS unknownuber

Aranvoid VS Cheesepower5

Controversies: Edit

Aranvoid getting to pass directly to Round 2 without winning Round 1.

Loser's Bracket Part I Edit

Round 1 Edit

Simon-For-Smash VS Gen_Woundwort

ryugin55 VS Federico585

yen_fay VS Lemmy-Koopa

yen_fay VS Lemmy-Koopa (rematch)

Endgame VS TestPilotVGC

Round 2 Edit

Simon-For-Smash VS ryugin55

yen_fay VS TestPilotVGC

Round 3 Edit

ryugin55 VS TestPilotVGC

ryugin55 VS TestPilotVGC (rematch)

Loser's Braket Rematches:

Because of a miscount in voting, a rematch poll for ryugin55 vs TestPilotVGC and yen_fay VS Lemmy-Koopa was made by Federico585, who wished to prevent another controversy from an unfair loss like what happened in his own match with DatOliviaTho. The miscount in the case of ryugin55 VS TestPilotVGC, Gen_Woundwort voted for Test twice, making the vote 8 for Ryugin and 9 for Test, when it should have been 8 for the both of them. As for yen_fay VS Lemmy-Koopa, ryugin55 changed his vote from yen to Lemmy prior to voting ending in order to break the tie, but afterwards, Gen_Woundwort voted for yen_fay making it a tie again. So despite the matches really being ties, DatOliviaTho marked it down as Test and yen winning their respective matches, until the two of them lost when the rematch polls Federico made gave their previous matches with Lemmy and ryugin a proper tiebreaker.

Round 3 Edit

DatOliviaTho VS AlmostDoug

Chrizzel28 VS PrettyTonyTiger

Aranvoid VS ryugin55

Loser's Bracket Part II Edit

Round 1 Edit

AmalCassel36 VS unknownuber

--Ephraim8 VS StudiousThug

Cheesepower5 VS PrettyTonyTiger

DatOliviaTho VS Aranvoid

Round 2 Edit

AmalCassel36 VS PrettyTonyTiger

--Ephraim8 VS DatOliviaTho

Round 3 Edit

AmalCassel36 VS DatOliviaTho

Round 4 Edit

AlmostDoug VS Chrizzel28

ryugin55 VS DatOliviaTho

Round 5 Edit

Battle for Third Place: Chrizzel28 vs ryugin55

Finale: AlmostDoug VS DatOliviaTho

Placing Edit

AlmostDoug was crowned #1.

DatOliviaTho, due to losing against Doug in the finale, was crowned #2

ryugin55 beat Chrizzel in the battle for third place, so was crowned #3

Chrizzel28 lost against ryugin55, and so crowned #4

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