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PTT is a law of nature. You can try to talk down the hurricane, but I don't have high hopes for your success.

-AlmostDoug, on stopping PTT's sex drive

PrettyTonyTiger is a user on the Awakening boards. He also goes by the names "TeachMeMsLitchi," "SkylaIsMyWife," and "TigerJackson." All of his topics are about imagining characters in the weirdest, creepiest and/or most perverse ways possible.

On his first play through, he married Olivia. He was infatuated by her charming personality, and her magnificent Goddes-like appearance. He also loves his wife Lucina, and spends time making a Smash Bros gallery of her!

REALLY, REALLY likes boobs.


  • Smash Bros Mains: Lucina, Lucina, Lucina, Lucina, Lucina, Lucina, Lucina, Lucina , Lucina, Lucina,
Lucina, Lucina, Lucina!
Hellsing - Matsuo Hayato - Gradus Vita04:08

Hellsing - Matsuo Hayato - Gradus Vita

PTT's Badass Theme.

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