The box cover of Sm4sh, with several of its characters on it.

Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U (a.k.a. Smash 4 or Sm4sh) is the fourth game in the Super Smash Brothers series. Quite a few users play it regularly, some more than others. There have been 4 topics related to setting up matches: Thread of Sm4shing, Topic of Sm5shing, Topic of Sm6shing, and Topic of Se7vening. Despite the names, all of these topics are Smash 4 related. Thread of Sm4shing was closed when Lemmy-Koopa intended to kill it via post spam, but luckily AlmostDoug managed to deny Lemmy of his pleasure by killing it early. Topic of Sm5shing was archived due to disuse, and Topic of Sm6shing died due to overuse, with sphenco taking its life. Topic of Se7vening, created by Federico585, was closed by HinduKushh who proceeded to create Topic of Sm8shing despite the fact he doesn't play Smash. What a twist.


AlmostDoug - Lucario

Federico585 - Shulk, Charizard, Marth, Ike, Falco

unknownuber - Duck Hunt, Wario, Marth, Doctor Mario, Jigglypuff

Gen_Woundwort - Alph, Jigglypuff

Lemmy-Koopa - Random

Super Smash Brothers 4 Wii UEdit

Super Smash Bros Consoles

In a nutshell.

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