We don't just ship, we make it OFFICIAL!

A group of Board members have formed a secret committee that watches the Awakening board from an unnamed secret board and decides which users best fit which Fire Emblem characters. The committee consists of anyone who wants to help them pair people, but the final pairings are chosen by the Five Heads.

Confirmed Pairings

  • RangerIke1 x Sumia
  • Aranvoid x Mia
  • AnriHeroKing/Galathor x Priscilla
  • Lemmington x Sophia
  • BlueTachyon x Astrid
  • BonQuiQuiLutowy x Merlinus
  • UnknownUber x Nah
  • HHDeception x Miriel
  • Ephraim x Olivia
  • Zillas01 x Minerva
  • Ryugin/Sliced-Bread/Taiga x L'Arachel
  • HinduKushh x Natasha
  • Ilee1000 x Lalum
  • Supah-Dot x Cordelia
  • Jolteon39 x FeRobin
  • Phoenix-Smasher x Serra
  • Marluxion x Inigo
  • Da-Big-Boss x Charlotte
  • RadiantGod x Lissa
  • Mynameisrocket x FeMorgan
  • 17Master x Say'ri
  • KachuAchu x Tiki
  • CerebralThunder x Lucia

The Court of Appeals:

Big-Wicket set up a Pairing Committee Court of Appeals, where users who dislike their Pairings can argue about how the Pairings are incompatible. If Wicket decides that a pairing is incompatible, then it is removed from the confirmed pairings, and that user is eligible to submit a new Bio and get a new pairing. Though, the Secretary/Priest of the Committee disregarded some of the results of appeals being rejected and had certain people paired again anyway.

The Five Heads:

  • Federico585
  • PhoenixSmasher
  • KachuAchu
  • HinduKushh
  • TestPilotVGC

How to Get Paired in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Write a bio of yourself. Be as detailed as possible. Sexuality and physical appearance are irrelevant
  2. PM it to one of the heads or alternatively post it on their secret board
  3. The Committee Members will look it over, and then they will recommend Pairings
  4. The 5 Heads will vote on the pairings that were nominated
  5. You will find out your pairing, some way or another

How to get into the Committee

Find the board, get invited, or ask a member.

Difference between Pairings and Waifus

A Pairing is canon. A waifu is non-canon. A pairing is chosen based on chemistry. A waifu is chosen based on personal preference. You choose your waifu. The Committee chooses your pairing.

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