Unlike some writers, UnknownUber is actually able to maintain and write 3 CYOA's at the same time. Because he doesn't want to infest the wiki with three different articles, here they are:

Another Future Edit

Another Future was started shortly after Unknown's first CYOA The Sacred Bond, which ended horribly.

Synopsis Edit

In a Dark timeline where Grima has taken over, 13 children were sent to the past to change the future. This is not thier story. Instead 12 children stayed to help the present where a new threat has emerged...

The Sacred Bond Edit

A remake of UnknownUber's first CYOA.

Synopsis Edit

This is a prequel to Another Future that explains the events prior to Another Future.

Chon_Sin Legacy Edit

Dis is an epicz COYA aboutz the Hewo Yen_Gay and his smexy adveentures on

Synopsis Edit

A parody of the Gamefaqs user Yen_Fay, this tells the story od Yen_Fay who got tired of working in Valm and went to the Outrealms to party hard!

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