One should be wary of any institution that would give this guy tenure.
Vital statistics
Starting Class Fighter
Birthday December 26th
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #24
Assigned Partner N/A
It's Vaike time!

The Vaike (officially called "Wyck" by Nintendo of Japan even though his name written in japanese spells "Veiku") is Chrom's sworn rival and the greatest warrior in all the lands. If you disagree with him, he will drive his axe through your skull!

As soon as he can find it. Now where did he put that thing?.....


Vaike is, simply put, a meathead. An egotistical meathead. He calls himself "Teach" because he believes he is teaching others valuable lessons. Even though he constantly misplaces his axe, He has a rivalry with Chrom and refuses to give up on trying to beat him, even though it seems rather hopeless at times.

However, he has a heart of gold: His goal is to become known as the greatest warrior in the land so he can help his hometown in the slums. He was inspired when Emmeryn visited his town. She came down to visit the lower class. Isn't she sweet?


You get the Vaike as soon as you start Chapter 2. It's unfair to the enemies that such an awesome unit is given to you for free so early in the game, huh?

As a UnitEdit

Vaike isn't anything remarkable as a unit other than having a high Strength modifier. However, since Optimization experts prefer magic units over physical ones, he can be overlooked.

However, having the highest Strength modifier amongst the male characters makes him ideal for being paired with Cherche. Resulting in a Gerome with a +7 Strength modifier. The highest any unit other than Morgan can get. Gerome fathered by Vaike is considered one of the best units, especially when paired up with Severa fathered by Lon'qu. So while he himself is not considered that great, he is part of something greater.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Outside of pairing talk, the Vaike is not talked about very often. He is however, a very prominent character in Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure! So prominent in fact, that due to time travel shenanegans, there's two of him!


  • Despite having two male only classes, when passed down to a female child, they turn into gender neutral Knight and Mercenary instead.
  • In the Summer Scramble DLC chapter, he thinks that Lon'qu's aversion to women is because he is gay. He then goes around spreading the rumor.....
  • His birthday is right after Christmas. Two days of presents in a row?! Of course, only Teach could have planned such a thing!
  • He is Gen_Woundwort's official pairing.

External LinksEdit

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