Think he has ears behind that thing?

This is all written!

Validar (known as Fauder in Glorious Nippon) is one of Fire Emblem: Awakening's lead villains. The leader of the Grimleal and temporary king of Plegia, dedicated to the resurrection of Grima so that he may return and destroy everything.

But why?

Oh, and he's Robin's father.


Validar is your typical evil wizard. Creepy deformed appearance and all. (But somehow, Robin doesn't get any of that unless you intentionally make him/her ugly. Eh?!)

Validar is very dedicated to his cause. Above all else, he wishes for Grima's return. Given that Grima would kill everything, including him..... we're really not sure why he wants this. What does he get out of the deal?!

Validar is arrogant and sure of his victory. This is because Grima came from the future, told him what happens, then revived him after he was killed thanks to Lucina's meddling. So arrogant in fact, that he'll even visit Robin and give the game away as early as Chapter 13. Before which he will also show up before Chrom, Robin, and Frederick in person even though they met him before in Chapter 6. What the hell?!

.....But Lucina ends up saving Basilio's life by warning him that Walhart was going to kill him, which allowed for Robin to hatch a plan to have Basilio swap gemstones in the Fire Emblem although he somehow went unnoticed by Validar's elite spies that were watching Robin's every move and..... look, it's easier just to say that Lucina's meddling got him killed. Again.

And then Grima shows up, eats souls, and SURPRISE! Validar's entire plan was worthless! YAAAAAAAY!

As a BossEdit

Prologue: Uhh..... can you even lose?

Chapter 6: He's not that strong outside of Vengeance boosted attacks.

Chapter 23: Okay, now he has Dragonskin, Vengeance, capped Magic, and- just rush the bastard with your strongest units and end him.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

As a leading villain, his plan and everything wrong with it has lead to many a discussion. Simply put..... everyone thinks he's a terrible and moronic villain and that the game's story is full of holes.

This notion is..... objectively correct. He's a god damn idiot.


  • Validar has a Critical Hit voice clip. But you'll most likely never see it due to his low chance of even critting one of your units.
  • Concept artwork of Validar shows him with reptilian features. He was perhaps intended to be part dragon due to having Grima's blood. But what about Robin?
  • "Validar" is similar to "Vader", as in, Darth Vader. And he's Robin's father. Oh hardy har har.
  • "Fauder" is similar to "father". Spoiling his relation to Robin long before it actually happens if you happen to speak english.
  • As pointed out by Lemmy-Koopa, his ears are behind the ####ing weird gold thing on his head.

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