Angry Desu yo >:3

Vortex_Oblivion is a GameFAQS user.


Vortex is a self-proclaimed jerk with a heart of gold, she hangs around the Fire Emblem Awakening board due to how a few users often made her laugh and because she might be not really sane in her head too since she does enjoy GameFAQs.



Vortex and Federico share a fierce (and harmless) rivalry about their Katawa Shoujo waifus due to the fact that Vortex puts Rin as the best girl of the Visual Novel while Federico is more into Hanako, Vortex's favoritism of the red-haired girl even managed to ruin Federico's spot in the Popularity Contest because Fede doesn't waif the “Best Girl” according to her claims.

Deal with it, Fede: Rin is the best *puts sunglasses*


Zillas is or was the kouhai of Vortex, wanting to win her affections with a Yaoi fanart from Hataraku Maou-sama, she noticed him for that, but wasn't in love with him. However, Zillas created an topic where he wanted to marry Vortex. Unfortunately, as she is already with someone IRL, Vortex “friendzoned” him soundly.


Make a guess.


Lemmy is Vortex's second rival, and loves shipping her with Fede. Besides parodying PTT and Zillas actions around her, they had never interacted until they started a fight about who is a better ship between Kent x Fiora whom Lemmy likes and Kent x Farina supported by Vortex. They kept bickering until Gen threatened to kick them from Chatzy, followed by a subtle argument.



Vorterico in a nutshell, but doesn't stop people to ship it.

Doug and Vortex got along fairly well as they started interacting more often these last months, Doug is also a fervent or actually, the most fervent Vorterico shipper in Battle Chess much to Vortex's dismay.


Vortex and Thug are simple acquaintances in the board who have a decent relationship even if the latter wrote a troubling smut about Vorterico, Snoop Dogg and whatever could happened in the story.


Vortex and Kushh don't talk much, but both believe Rin is best girl.


Vortex and Ryu both belong to the Skeptic Rangers as Negating Blue and Denying Red, otherwise, they don't have many interactions.

Mabinogi G12 Final Boss (Nuadha) Theme04:10

Mabinogi G12 Final Boss (Nuadha) Theme

Vortex's theme of awesomeness!


  • Vortex never killed Sylvia in FE4 because she likes her character even if she acknowledges that her children are not stellar.
  • Despite having a boyfriend, she also like having waifus and playing visual novels. And Prinnies, Prinnies are sacred.
  • Her favorite dessert is the cheesecake and love Ben and Jerry's ice cream too.

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