I think he's overcompensating for something.....
Vital statistics
Starting Class Conqueror
Birthday September 14th
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #16
Assigned Partner Chrizzel28
If discord arises, it only means you had insufficient power in the first place. With truly overwhelming might, such trivial obstacles can be brushed aside.

Walhart (known as Valhart in japanese) the Conqueror was the ruler of the Valmese Empire and sought to conquer the entire world for the purpose of "uniting humanity" and "freeing it from the gods".

Perhaps if he had a brain, he would have succeeded. Or realized the logistical nightmare of trying to rule over an entire planet.


Walhart's philosophy for everything can be summed up in three words: Might makes right.

He believes that the strongest should rule. And of course, he believes himself to be the strongest. He believes himself to be above the gods. (Although Naga and Grima worshippers did him in.) He believes that he alone can unite humanity and lead it into a glorious golden age. And all it takes to rule is being strong. He has no need for strategy! (Yes, he outright says this in Support Conversations with male Robin.)

Yet, for some reason, he made Excellus his tactician. Even though he knows he's a screwup and working with the Grimleal who would seek to bring down his empire.

HOWEVER, he believes that the strong should rule so much that after being defeated, he acknowledges Chrom as stronger and willfully obeys. He was defeated, therefore, he is weak.

.....So basically, he's a meathead. Basically an evil Vaike.

He's also a terrible father. Making remarks to Morgan about driving his head through the wall and sticking a sword in him. Still a better parent than Tharja though.....


You must fight him with Chrom and win Paralogue 19. He will join afterwards.

As a UnitEdit

Because of his late join time, poor class selection, no possible children other than Morgan, and his unique class Conqueror being a glorified Great Knight with a skill that doesn't do anything that can't just be prevented by watching out for enemy units with slayer weapons, he is almost entirely overlooked.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Many discussions questioning Walhart's methods, and whether or not he felt necessary in the game's plot takes place.

Also, he tends to get likened to a lobster.


  • Walhart has no pupils. Just pure white eyes.
  • Walhart wanted to stop Grima. Yet, outside of vague anti-religious statements, he says nothing himself. We had to learn this from Aversa.
  • Alleged role in starting World War 1: Walhart is the reason why Virion, Cherche, Say'ri, and the Second Generation characters are even part of the Sheperds to play their roles.

External LinksEdit

The Official Walhart Unappreciation Topic

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