Westbrick was once Fire Emblem: Awakening's greatest champion. As an importer of the game, he did much to spread hype by writing a 10/10 review and fought against the evil Endgame before the game's North American release. But one day, after playing through the game for the twelth time in english..... he snapped. He then betrayed the Awakening board by writing a new review of the game, especially critical of the game's nonsensical story. And joining Endgame's evil crusade. Awakening's noble defender was lost..... and he even became Endgame's lover!

Endgame considers him his "one true love" and longs for the day he returns.

There seems to be a faint link between Westbrick and the board novice, RadiantGod, but no one has discovered why, as of yet.

The Review ControversyEdit

Originally, Westbrick wrote a 10/10 review of the game. It was even nominated for "Review of the Year". However, he took it down and replaced it with a 4/10 review. This offended the majority of the Awakening board. He even went into topics and Trolled the fans of Awakening over it. Using the words "Unremarkable and flawed" to justify his 4/10 rating.

Enough members complained and eventually got the review taken down.

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