Don't be fooled: He's getting ready to run away.
Vital statistics
Starting Class Taguel
Birthday March 14th
Character Popularity Poll Ranking #25
Assigned Partner N/A
I love you! Let's repopulate my species! ...Uh, sorry. Was that awkward...?

Yarne (known as Chambray in Japan) may look like a strong, badass bestial warrior at first glance. But point a sword, axe, lance, or even a stick at him and his retreat and nasally voice will betray his true nature.


Simply put: He's a coward.

His reason is somewhat legitimate: He is the last Taguel. If he dies, his race goes extinct. But guess what buddy? If Grima destroys everything, EVERYONE goes extinct! So suck it up and help save the world you pussy!

Also: Pairing male Robin with Panne destroys his entire character. His cowardace and excuses make no sense when he has a little sister. So what if she isn't as hairy as you?


Talk to him with Panne or Chrom in Paralogue 13. He'll join without putting up a fight. Like everything else in his wretched little life.

As a UnitEdit

Yarne is refered to as one of the "Three Galeforceless losers". And thus, deemed worthless by many.

It does not help that Taguel is considered a bad class because it can only use two weapons, and that the class' gimmick of high Speed from the Beaststones isn't even all that good because any other class can get high Speed as well, in addition to wielding Brave weapons or Celica's Gale which attack twice.

Significance on the Fire Emblem: Awakening boardEdit

Most Yarne discussion is pretty much just everyone bashing on him for any of the reasons listed above.

There is however, some pity for him over his Support Conversations with female Morgan.


  • His japanese name, Chambray, is a reference to a type of cloth. However, so is his localized name Yarne. Refering of course, to yarn. Why Nintendo of America decided to replace a cloth reference with another cloth reference, we will never know.
  • Oddly enough, he does not inherit Wyvern Rider access from Panne despite the class not being gender locked, but instead, it gets passed down as Barbarian which is. He likely ran away from the wyvern.
  • His birthday is also the release date of Fire Emblem: Gaiden. A terrible character associated with a terrible game? Makes sense.
  • His critical/skill activation quote "I've got sharp, pointy teeth!" is a reference to this scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail which features a bunny actually slaughtering people. He could learn much from that bunny.....
  • He was the second lowest ranking male character in the Character Popularity Poll. Only Yen'fay was ranked lower. We're not sure how that one even happened. He got a pity vote or two while Yen'fay got no votes?

External LinksEdit

The Official Yarne Unappreciation Topic

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